Langham Alabaster

 Style: Shaker 


 Material: 20mm solid timber frame and veneered centre panel painted


Langhams timeless design with wide rails has an honest and enduring style. The blend of alabaster and sage, whilst a subtle tonal contrast, is nonetheless a pleasing one.

Recommended unit colour

We have carefully chosen a range of unit colours that best match your door/drawer fascias.


The Alabaster cabinet colour is a excellent colour match to the Langham Alabaster doors. You will be able to save money by either buying panels in the carcase material or leaving the end of a run of units and using a plinth return. The advantage of using from the Langham Alabaster door material Plinths/panels/Cornice is they will be in the painted finish to match the door exactly in colour and will be textured the same as the door (grained finish). Langham door material panels are available in base,wall and tall sizes and are 28mm thick to give a chunkier effect.